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Represent your fandom!


Attention! Attention! I will have more regional officer nominations very soon but in the meantime, it’s time for DIVISIONS!!!!!

As of right now you are most welcomed to add your location to your title (ie: Cadet Jones, Fayetteville Division)

AND… I also want to start forming the Specialty Groups! You can help me by commenting below which corner of fandom you frequent. To give you an idea: Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Steampunk, Burlesque, Gothic, Furry, Brony, Vampires, Rocky Horror Picture show.. you name it. Literally! List them below and once we have something resembling a full list we will make the groups.

I also need YOU to help me come up with clever names for each group like for instance “Whovians” (that was easy one!) or “Trekkers” or even more elaborate like “Brass Cog Brigade” for the Steampunkers… “Luscious Ladies” for the burlesque performers.. the sky is the limit and I want YOU to paint it with your ideas.

In the end everyone’s title might look like this:

"Cadet Wellington - Brass Cog Brigade -London Division" or
“Cadet Lestat - Blood Drinkers United - New Orleans Division”

But I’m sure you all have better ideas so….


Comment on the Facebook post!

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Interviewing this man took a lot of bloody negotiation…image

But it’s finally online, and is one of the most delightfully in-depth interviews I’ve ever had with a musician. I’m very, very pleased with it and I’d like to thank tumblr for help with the questions, my editor miss Jo Whitby for putting it up only a few hours after I received it, my friends for their constant support and Mr. Voltaire for finally freeing up a little time from his massively oversaturated schedule…and spending it answering an email from me!

This interview will tell you things you never dared guess about the man. I do hope you enjoy it, and if so, please, reblog it, share it, spread it like wildfire.


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Oh my dark gods, the final sample of the Candy Claws plush toy is fricken ADORABLE!!! It’s on its way to me and I look forward to holding it on Wednesday!

Finally we get to see the Candy Claws plush Voltaire’s been teasing us about! I am so excited to see this baby finally come to life.


From top to bottom:

Details of The Lair of Voltaire can be seen in this sneak peek from page one of The Legend of Candy Claws (illustrated by Shamine King)


Here is sneak peek #2 from page one of The Legend of Candy Claws. A group of small children, wonderfully drawn by Shamine King, sit in the lair as I regale them with this wonderfully spooky tale!


In this third and last sneak peek of page 1 of The Legend of Candy Claws drawn by Shamine King… is it Xmas or Halloween in the lair of Voltaire? Maybe both?

Aurelio Voltaire - Raised By Bats

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Amazon reviews


The Cadets of the VSC have spoken! Honestly, I only needed one of you to say it was wrong, but enough of you have stated unease about it to fully send home the point. THANK YOU!

Cadet David Stiles suggested that a more positive approach would be to leave positive reviews. I think that is a find idea, but I will take it a step further and ask that you simply leave HONEST reviews.. here is your mission should you choose to accept it:

1) Go to

2) IF YOU READ THE BOOK (this is VERY important!!!).. and only if you READ THE BOOK, please leave a review. I do not ask that the review be positive, I ask only that it be honest. If you hated it, maybe you can pass on this one. LOL!

3) If you did not read the book, or if you can’t post on Amazon for whatever reason, I ask that you look at the reviews and click YES if a review was helpful and NO if you believe a review was not helpful.

That’s it! Thanks in advance to those who participate and no hard feelings at all to those who wish to sit this one out.


I’m planning to write mine sometime next week, so I’ll post a link to it as soon as it’s done.

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Hey guys! Do you like good music? Of course you do. You should listen to this, then.

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This one always satisfies all my moods

Voltaire - When You’re Evil OFFICIAL (by The Lair of Voltaire)